A hoax is an intentional deception promoting a hidden agenda. Mainstream media is sponsored by Big Pharma as are many politicians. So it's all lies all the time. The doctors who are exposing the lies are being censored; the courageous ones who put ethics and scientific integrity above personal gain. Hear them here! Your life and the life of loved ones depends on it.

What causes covid symptoms?... Not a Virus!

Dr Rancourt: Hospital Protocols Caused the Deaths



Dr Ardis: Hospitals were killing patients with Remdesivir which causes kidney failure, which then leads to pulmonary edema, which can drown the patient with fluid build-up in their lungs.

Euthanasia/end-ol-life drugs such as Midazolam were then used to supress respiration and hasten death. The deaths were reported as "Covid" deaths so the hospitals could receive a Federal $55,000 cash bonus for each death. As Dr Peterson Pierre explains below, hospitals were literally being paid to kill you and create the illusion of a pandemic.

Years ago Dr Fauci wrote a paper touting the safety and efficacy of Ivermectin, but after he established financial ties with Gilead Sciences, Fauci swtiched to pushing the Gilead product, Remdesivir, even though it is nowhere near as safe or effective as Ivermectin. In fact, during the initial trials, Remdesivir was so deadly that the trials had to be abruptly halted and FDA  approval was denied. This is in contrast to Ivermectin which has decades of proven safety and efficacy and well as FDA approval. And yet, through the NIH, Dr Fauci established Remdesivir as the "standard of care" nationwide, and the only treatment allowed for Covid-19. Was he intentionally trying to murder people to create fear and thus demand for vaccines? Or was he simply trying to help Gilead monetize a failed product which had been formerly shelved?

Hospitals Killing Patients by Improper Use of Ventilators

Hospitals in the USA are Killing Patients for CARES Cash

Funeral Directors in New Zealand and UK Reporting Record Number of Deaths "Almost Exclusively in the Vaccinated"

U.K. Funeral Director: The "Covid" Deaths are from the Vaccines.

Before the Covid vaccinations began, the deaths were from other causes intentionally mis-labeled "Covid" deaths, or from hospitals intentionally administering end-of-life drugs to patients who were not terminally ill nor even diagnosed with "Covid." (i.e. murder)

Todd Callender outlines precisely how hospitals are killing patients (for profit) under the guise of a "covid" diagnosis.

This interview also reveals evidence for seeing the agenda behind the covid hoax.

Oct 28, 2022: Dr Ardis Reveals Source of Covid Symptoms

Dr Bryan Ardis: Covid-19 is from Snake Venom Poisoning

Oct 2021 Italian Study: Snake Venom Peptides found in Every Covid-19 Positive Patient; None found in Negative Patients.

Venom Peptides Verified using Mass Spectroscopy & more

Dr Fauci has Financial Ties with the Maker of Remdesivir

Early MULTI-DRUG treatment at home saves lives!

Our multi drug protocols include all the controversial safe generic drugs whose names we aren't supposed to mention as well as over the counter supplements Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, etc.

MyFreeDoctor.com   The Dr Ardis Show

"Fear has no place in the land of the free, home of the brave."


One hour summary of Dr Ardis' research plus recommened antidotes to the poison that causes covid-19 symptoms. "If you were bit by a snake, would you take the venom antidote?"

Hospitals Administered End-of-life Drugs to Hasten Death

Dr Denis Rancourt: There Was No Pandemic - Hospital Protocols Caused the Deaths! Interview by Dr Drew and Dr Kelly Victory

Dr Anthony Fauci Owns Patent on SARS-CoV-2 gp120 HIV Insertion

Dr. Anthony Fauci owns a patent on at least one HIV insertion, known as gp120. HIV’s gp120 protein is the one that activates LFA-1 on CD4 T-Lymphocytes and increases cell susceptibility to LFA-1-targeting leukotoxin, according to a 2011 study.

Interestingly, gp120 just so happens to also be allegedly located in the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, as well as in the spike protein of all covid “vaccines.” As it turns out, gp120, as applied to the spike proteins in both covid and covid injections, effectively destroys the body’s immune T cells in the same way as HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), the virus that causes AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). And gp120 specifically is used to deliver HIV into the lymphocytes via the LFA-1 receptor.

T cells are a critical component of healthy immunity. Without them, the body basically has AIDS, which is why a growing body of evidence points to the “fully vaccinated” now having vaccine-induced AIDS, also known as VAIDS.

So-called “mild” covid may not leave the immune system decimated of lymphocytes forever, only until the body recovers, however, those who take the “vaccines,” on the other hand, could face a much worse outcome.

As you research, you will find that many “fact-checkers” claim that Fauci wasn’t involved in this HIV insertion. However, if you search Google Patents, you’ll find the following:

Use of antagonists of the interaction between HIV GP120 and α4β7 integrin

New Zealand Ruling Class Data Suggests The Fully “Vaccinated” Are Getting AIDS

Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggest Fully Vaccinated Are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

More Government Documents Prove COVID-19 Vaccines Are Causing AIDS

Source: The Washington Standard

MASK TOXICITY - German study exposes dangers of CO2 re-breathing - neuron death & learning impairment (children), stillbirths & birth defects (pregnant women), testicular toxicity (adolescents)

Dr. William Makis outlines how just a few minutes of mask-wearing every day can have the following long-term consequences...
Read article here: https://vigilantnews.com/post/mask-toxicity-german-study-exposes-dangers-of-co2-re-breathing-neuron-death-learning-impairment

Oncology Professor at St George's Hospital Medical School, London:

"At the end of last year I reported that I was seeing melanoma patients who had been stable for years relapse after their first booster (their third injection). I was told it was merely a coincidence and to keep quiet about it, but it became impossible to do so. The number of my patients affected has been rising ever since. I saw two more cases of cancer relapse post booster vaccination in my patients just this last week.

Other oncologists have contacted me from all over the world including from Australia and the US. The consensus is that it is no longer confined to melanoma but that increased incidence of lymphomas, leukaemias and kidney cancers is being seen after booster injections. Additionally my colorectal cancer colleagues report an epidemic of explosive cancers (those presenting with multiple metastatic spread in the liver and elsewhere). All these cancers are occurring (with very few exceptions) in patients who have been forced to have a Covid booster whether they were keen or not, for many so they could travel.
So why are these cancers occurring? T cell suppression was my first likely explanation given that immunotherapy is so effective in these cancers. However we must also now consider DNA plasmid and SV40 integration in promoting cancer development, a feature made even more concerning by reports that mRNA spike protein binds p53 and other cancer suppressor genes. It is very clear and very frightening that these vaccines have several elements to cause a perfect storm in cancer development in those patients lucky enough to have avoided heart attacks, clots, strokes, autoimmune diseases and other common adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines.
To advise booster vaccines, as is the current case, is no more and no less than medical incompetence; to continue to do so with the above information is medical negligence which can carry a custodial sentence.
No ifs or buts any longer. All mRNA vaccines must be halted and banned now."
Angus Dalgleish

BREAKING: Plasmid Gate!

When Pfizer and Moderna said that they produced an “RNA vaccine” and that an “RNA vaccine” meant that anything they injected into you would have a short lived (days) effect at most, it was a lie.

When the media, the regulators and the government said it “isn’t gene therapy” without knowing what was actually in the product, that was also a lie.

The primary reason that this is now proven to be a lie is that multiple laboratories around the world have proven that those COVID vaccines contain therapeutic levels of plasmid DNA. DNA lasts for ever and if it integrates into your genome, you will produce its product forever. There is no definition of gene therapy anywhere in the world that this process would be excluded from.


For more details on #Plasmidgate outside of twitter I would refer you to the original substack from Kevin McKernan here and the whole testimony of Dr Phillip Buckhaults here.

Just for background, it’s important to know what plasmid DNA is - it’s the lab-based circular DNA particles that is replicated in big vats of poo and then used to create the mRNA that goes into your “short lived” vaccine.

It’s a lab tool so should never be in a drug injected into a human. It’s not allowed to be there. It’s like having a drug that requires arsenic as a substrate to make it, and then throwing the leftover arsenic into the actual drug that gets injected into you.

But this article is not directly about the discovery of Plasmid DNA in the Pfizer and Moderna jabs (that has been now verified by 6 labs worldwide).

It’s about the special properties of the contents of that DNA and the RNA that is made from it, combined with the RNA that accompanies it (the jabs have the stated RNA in them as well as the stowaway DNA).

You see, it turns out that there are at least 5 different mechanisms for that DNA-RNA-protein combination to take that DNA into the nucleus of your cells. And that wasn’t on the advertising brochure was it?

Read full article here:  arkmedic.substack.com

Mask Ineffectiveness and Harm: 170 Comparative Studies, Articles

Because we saw very early on that the lockdowns were the single greatest mistake in public health history. We knew the history and knew they would not work. We also knew very early of COVID's risk stratification. Sadly, our children will bear the catastrophic consequences and not just educationally, of the deeply flawed school closure policy for decades to come (particularly our minority children who were least able to afford this).

I present the masking "body of evidence" below  comprised of comparative effectiveness research as well as related evidence and high-level reporting. To date, the evidence has been stable and clear that masks do not work to control the virus and they can be harmful and especially to children.

My focus is on COVID face masks and the prevailing science that we have had for nearly 20 months. Yet I wish to address this mask topic at a 50,000-foot level on the lockdown restrictive policies in general. I build on the backs of the fine work done by Gupta, Kulldorff, and Bhattacharya on the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD) and similar impetus by Dr. Scott Atlas (advisor to POTUS Trump) who, like myself, was a strong proponent for a focused type of protection that was based on an age-risk stratified approach. 

Read the Studies and Articles here:

170 Comparative Studies and Articles on Mask Ineffectiveness and Harms

Press Conference in California Announcing Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Hospitals that Gave Remdesivir for Covid:

Source: Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Hospitals that Gave Remdesivir for Covid

Doctors Ordered To Euthanize Vaccinated Patients to Cover-Up Disturbing Side Effects of Shots

Nurse reports what is happening inside hospitals.

Dr Bryan Ardis: Fauci is going to kill hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans with this drug and this [covid] protocol"

"It is absolutely blatant, every aspect of COVID-19 is a cover-up"

In this hard hitting and passionate testimony Dr. Ardis exposes the corruption and lies coming out of agencies such as the FDA, CDC, NIH and NIAID.
He blasts the emergency use authorization of Remdesivir, the only one drug allowed for treatment of hospitalized COVID patients.
This, despite it's withdrawal from use in the Ebola epidemic for causing many deaths and injuries - including kidney failure.
In 2020, Dr. Ardis had stated: "Anthony Fauci is going to kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans with this drug and this protocol"
"What's more disgusting, in January 2022 the FDA extended the Emergency Use Authorization of Remdesivir and said that there is only one authorized medication that can be pumped into the veins of all new-borns in this country to eighteen year olds, starting with seven pounds new-borns"
"It's flat out corruption, head to toe it's corruption"
"Antony Fauci is one of the biggest liars on the planet"
You can watch the entire "Expert Panel Discussion on COVID-19 and Medical Freedom" at

"Covid was Hospital Genocide"

Nurse Kimberly Overton: "The only place anybody was dying was in our hospitals. And it's because they were dying of the treatments."

First Photos of Snake Venom Peptides in Bioweapon Shots

Establishment of Organoid Culture for Venoms!

See the work of South African microscopy expert and naturopath, Dr. Zandre Botha, connecting facts and revealing the evidence to support snake venom proteineous organoids, or…the development of synthetic substrates that are made to retain the toxic activity of snake venom. Dr Ruby reviews  with Dr. Bryan Ardis who recently called the world’s attention to this diabolical basis for the covid scam and the deadly bioweapon shots.