Death and other Adverse Events Following Covid Shots

CNA: Seniors are Dying Like Flies after Covid Injections


Serious Adverse Reactions also in Younger Healthy People

A Look at 81 Adverse Event Reports after mRNA Vaccine

CNA: "Seniors are Dying Like Flies after Covid Injections!"

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Dr Tenpenny: How mRNA Vaccines Harm Your Immune System

Report a Covid-19 Vaccine-Injury/Reaction to ICAN

Unable to Perform Normal Daily Activities, Unable to Work After Pfizer Covid Vaccine

Below is a partial list of articles and videos from around the world spotlighting deaths, adverse events, allergic reactions and other citical health responses people are experiencing from recent Covid-19 vaccine administration. -Andrew Serafini

CDC: 3,150 people vaccinated in ONE DAY are "unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work" after vaccination. This is a massive 2.7% of people who can no longer work after having the Pfizer vaccine.

Portuguese health worker, 41, dies two days after getting the Pfizer covid vaccine as her father says he 'wants answers'

Mexican doctor hospitalized after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Hundreds of Israelis get infected with Covid-19 after receiving Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

Wife of 'perfectly healthy' Miami doctor, 56, who died of a blood disorder 16 days after getting Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is certain it was triggered by the jab, as drug giant investigates first death with a suspected link to shot.

75-year-old Israeli man dies 2 hours after getting Covid-19 vaccine.

Death of Swiss man after Pfizer vaccine.

88-year-old collapses and dies several hours after being vaccinated.

Thousands negatively affected after getting Covid-19 vaccine.

Hospital worker with no prior allergies in intensive care with severe reaction after Pfizer Covid vaccine.

4 volunteers develop FACIAL PARALYSIS after taking Pfizer Covid-19 jab, prompting FDA to recommend ‘surveillance for cases’.

Investigation launched as 2 people die in Norway nursing home days after receiving Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.

Hundreds Sent to Emergency Room After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines

U.S. officials report more severe allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccines.

NHS told not to give Covid vaccine to those with history of allergic reactions.

COVID-19: Single vaccine dose leads to 'greater risk' from new coronavirus variants, South African experts warn

CDC reveals at least 21 Americans have suffered life threatening allergic reactions to Pfizer's COVID vaccine

Woman experiences side effects of COVID-19 vaccine

Bulgaria Reports 4 Cases Of Side Effects From Pfizer Covid Vaccine.

Two NHS workers suffer allergic reaction to Pfizer vaccine.

COVID Vaccine Side Effects More Common after 2nd Dose.

Note the Age of These Trial Participants:

VAERS ID # 936805-1.
Vaccinated 12/22/2020. Found unresponsive and subsequently expired at home on 1/11/2021. Moderna vaccine.
VAERS ID # 943397-1
Vaccinated 12/23/2020. Died 1/14/2021. Patient was found unresponsive at work in the hospital. Patient pupils were fixed and dilated. Pfizer vaccine.
VAERS ID # 939050-1
Vaccinated 12/28/2020. Died on 1/4/21 at 7:20am. Moderna vaccine.
VAERS ID # 921667-1
Vaccinated 12/29/2020. It was reported that the staff member deceased somewhere between 1/3/2021 and 1/4/2021. Pfizer vaccine.
VAERS ID # 923219-1
Vaccinated 12/30/2021. Died. 1/1/2021. Pfizer vaccine. The patient didn't experience any adverse event at the moment of inoculation with COVID-19 vaccine or the following days. On January 1, 2021, at lunch time, two days after receiving the vaccine, the patient was found unresponsive in her bed by her partner.
VAERS ID # 933578-1
Vaccinated 1/8/2021. Died 1/9/2021. Moderna vaccine.
VAERS ID # 937527-1
Vaccinated 12/23/2020. Died on 1/4/2021. Pfizer vaccine.
VAERS ID # 929764-1
Vaccinated 12/28/2020. Died 12/29/2020. The patient was found deceased at home about 24 hours after immunization. Moderna vaccine.
VAERS ID # 939270-1
Vaccinated 12/22/2020. Died 12/31/2020. Pfizer vaccine.
VAERS ID # 918518-1
Vaccinated 12/31/2020. Died 12/31/2020. Moderna vaccine.
VAERS ID # 938118-1
Vaccinated 1/5/2021. Died. 1/10/2021. Pfizer vaccine. On 1/8/2021 17:30 patient taken to ER, cerebellar hemorrhage, stroke, aneurysm.
VAERS ID # 946293-1
Vaccinated 1/7/2021. Died 1/12/2021. Moderna vaccine. He became increasingly hypoxic around 1800hours on 1/7/2021. He was transported to hospital for acute on chronic hypoxia respiratory failure. He expired on 1/12/2021@2325 at medical center.
VAERS ID # 930910-1
Vaccinated on 1/8/2021. Died 1/8/2021. Patient received COVID vaccination around 12:15pm. Patient was monitored for the appropriate amount of time by nursing staff. Patient passed away at 2:15pm. Moderna vaccine.
VAERS ID # 933739-1
Vaccinated 1/8/2021. Died 1/10/2021. 2 days later.
Staff member checked on her at 3am and patient stated that she felt like she couldn't breathe. 911 was called and taken to the hospital. While in the ambulance, patient coded. Two EEGs were given to determine that patient had no brain activity. Pfizer vaccine.
VAERS ID # 934968-1
Vaccinated 1/4/2021. Died 1/6/2021. Pfizer vaccine. The patient received the vaccine on 04Jan2021, after which he started not feeling well. He went right home and went to bed. He woke up and ate a bit but not much and then was kind of pale. The patient then started to vomit, which continued throughout the night. He was having trouble in breathing. Emergency services were called, and they took his vitals and said that everything was okay, but he was very agitated; reported as not like this prior to the vaccine. The patient was taken to urgent care where they gave him an unspecified steroid shot and unspecified medication for vomiting. The patient was told he was probably having a reaction to the vaccine, but he was just dried up. The patient continued to vomit throughout the day and then he was very agitated again and would fall asleep for may be 15-20 minutes. When the patient woke up, he was very restless (reported as: his body was just amped up and could not calm down). The patient calmed down just a little bit in the evening. When the patient was awoken at 6:00 AM in the morning, he was still agitated. The patient stated that he couldn’t breathe, and his mind was racing. The patient’s other brother went to him and he was not responsive, and he passed away on 06Jan2021 around 10:15 AM. It was reported that none of the symptoms occurred until the patient received the vaccine. The patient died on 06Jan2021.
VAERS ID # 942106-1
Vaccinated 1/8/2021. Died 1/9/2021. Pfizer vaccine. On scene, the patient had a witnessed arrest with EMS starting CPR. He was given 3 rounds of epi without ROSC. Patient's wife, had noted patient had received covid vaccine the prior day.
VAERS ID # 928933-1
Vaccinated on 12/23/2020. Died on 1/8/2021. Moderna vaccine.
VAERS ID # 935511-1
Vaccinated 1/8/2021. Died 1/9/2021. Moderna vaccine. Patient received the 1st dose of Moderna and was found deceased in her home the next day.
VAERS ID # 941811-1
Vaccinated 1/4/2021. Died 1/11/2021. Moderna vaccine. Resident began having fever on 1/11/21. Resident sent to nearest ER for evaluation. Later in the evening the staff AT Medical Center called to inform staff that resident had expired @ 2230 as a result of Respiratory Failure and Sepsis.
VAERS ID # 944595-1
Vaccinated 1/12/2021. Died 1/14/2021. Pfizer vaccine. Cardiac arrest within 1 hour Patient had the second vaccine approximately 2 pm on Tuesday Jan 12th He works at the extended care community and was in good health that morning with no complaints. He waited 10-15 minutes at the vaccine admin site and then told them he felt fine and was ready to get back to work. He then was found unresponsive at 3 pm within an hour of the 2nd vaccine. EMS called immediately worked on him 30 minutes in field then 30 minutes at ER was able to put him on life support yet deemed Brain dead on 1-14-21 and pronounced dead an hour or so later.
VAERS ID # 921768-1
Vaccinated 1/4/2021. Died 1/4/2021. Pfizer vaccine.
VAERS ID # 920815-1
Vaccinated 12/30/2020. Died 1/4/2021. 6 days later. Moderna vaccine.
VAERS ID # 930154-1
Vaccinated 1/5/2021. Died 1/8/2021. Moderna vaccine.
VAERS ID # 933090-1
Vaccinated 1/5/2021. Died. 1/9/2021. Pfizer vaccine.
VAERS ID # 941743-1
Vaccinated 1/12/2021. Died 1/13/2021. Moderna vaccine. Found to be deceased at 3am
VAERS ID # 932898-1
Vaccinated 12/17/2020. Died. 12/30/2020. Pfizer vaccine. The patient had an apparent cardiac arrest on 12/23/20 and was admitted to the ICU. He was taken off of life support on 12/30/20.
VAERS ID # 942085-1
Vaccinated 1/2/2021. Died 1/8/2021. Pfizer vaccine. On 1/8/21 at 0615 resident was shaking. Reported all over pain. At 0850 she was not responsive.
VAERS ID # 940955-1
Vaccinated 1/11/2021. Died 1/11/2021. Pfizer vaccine. Cardiac Arrest. Patient was found pulseless and breathless 20 minutes following the vaccine administration. Received the second dose of BNT162B2. Took the first dose on 21Dec2020. MD found no signs of anaphylaxis.
To search VAERS, start here:

Doctor and Nurse Dead After Pfizer Vaccine

Doctor Gregory Michael, 56, died 15 days after taking Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine, in Florida in the US. In Portugal, Sonia Azevedo, 41 and the mother of two children, died after getting the jab. She worked as a surgical assistant and was among the first health workers to receive the vaccine. 

The health service in Miami is now investigating Michael’s death and believes that it was because of an unusual autoimmune reaction. His wife, Heidi Neckelmann, told local media that her husband “sought emergency care three days after receiving the vaccine because he had spots on his skin that indicated internal bleeding”. She wants his case to be a warning to others who want to take the vaccine.

Gregory Michael is said to have been in “good health” and took the vaccine on December 18 at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, where he had worked for twelve years. He died on January 3 of a brain haemorrhage due to a lack of platelets. This deficiency is called thrombocytopenia and in this case is due to an autoimmune reaction, Immunological thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), in which the body attacks its own platelets. In children, this condition sometimes occurs after a viral infection, but usually heals spontaneously.

“He was in good health. He did not smoke, drank alcohol only occasionally and then only socially. He worked outside, we had kayaks, he liked to fish,” his wife told local media. The health service had tested him for everything after he fell ill, including cancer, but could not find anything wrong with him, she added.

Pfizer said in a statement to USA Today that it was investigating the death, but claimed: “We do not believe at this time that there is any direct link to the vaccine.” However, Heidi Neckelmann is of a different opinion and believes that her husband’s death is “100 percent linked” to the vaccine.

According to the chairman of Children’s Health Defense , Lyn Redwood, ITP is a well-known side effect of vaccines. For example, for measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, it affects between one in 25 000 to 40 000. 


Unexpected String of Allergic Reactions Causes Delays at Vaccination "Super Station"

Allergic reactions in some Moderna vaccine recipients caused delays Wednesday at San Diego County's new "Vaccination Super Station" near downtown's Petco Park, County health officials confirmed.

During the county's weekly COVID-19 briefing, Dr. Eric McDonald, Director of Epidemiology for the county, said vaccinations were slowed down after allergic reactions were detected in six vaccine recipients.

While allergic reactions are expected in mass vaccination operations, that amount seen Wednesday was slightly higher than expected for that time period so the Super Station slowed down vaccinations so they could investigate, Dr. McDonald said. The site also swapped the vaccines it was using for a new batch out of an abundance of caution, in case the reactions had to do with the original batch.

A county spokesperson confirmed the vaccines associated with the allergic reactions were from Moderna, one of two pharmaceutical companies with FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines.

The Super Station has contingencies in place for any type of reaction. It's too early in the investigation to know exactly what caused the allergic reactions, Dr. McDonald said.

Board of Supervisors Chair Nathan Fletcher said the site would continue administering vaccines Wednesday and stay open late to honor all appointments that may have been impacted by the delays earlier in the day. More

Chinese Health Experts Call to Suspend Pfizer's mRNA Vaccine for Elderly After Norwegian Deaths

Chinese health experts called on Norway and other countries to suspend the use of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines produced by companies such as Pfizer, especially among elderly people, due to the vaccines' safety uncertainties following the deaths of 23 [now 30] elderly Norwegian people who received the vaccine. 

The new mRNA vaccine was developed in haste and had never been used on a large scale for the prevention of infectious disease, and its safety had not been confirmed for large-scale use in humans, a Chinese immunologist said. 

As of Thursday, Norway has reported 23 deaths in connection with vaccination. All the deaths have occurred in frail, elderly patients in nursing homes. All are over 80 years old and some of them over 90, Norwegian media NRK reported.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency admitted that the studies that form the basis for the temporary approval of the vaccine included very few people over the age of 85, and there is little known about how any side effects will affect these age brackets, but it said, "we assume that the side effects will largely be the same in the elderly as in those over 65 years of age."

Chinese experts said the deaths should be assessed cautiously to understand whether the death was caused by vaccines or other preexisting conditions of these individuals.

Yang Zhanqiu, a virologist from Wuhan University, told the Global Times on Friday that the death incident, if proven to be caused by the vaccines, showed that the effect of the Pfizer vaccine and other mRNA vaccines is not as good as expected, as the main purpose of mRNA vaccines is to heal patients. 

The mRNA vaccines teach human cells to make a protein to trigger an immune response; then, the immune response can protect people from getting infected if the real virus enters the body.

Meanwhile, toxic substances may be developed throughout the process of mRNA vaccinations; thus, the safety of vaccines cannot be fully ensured, Yang said. 

A Beijing-based immunologist, who requested anonymity, told the Global Times on Friday that the world should suspend the use of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine represented by Pfizer, as this new technology has not proven safety in large-scale use or in preventing any infectious diseases. 

Older people, especially those over 80, should not be recommended to receive any COVID-19 vaccine, he said. 

China has started vaccination for people aged between 18 and 59, as statistics on people aged 60 years and over and people aged 18 years and below were relatively small during clinical trials of the vaccines. Thus, we cannot fully identify the efficacy and side effects for these two groups, a Beijing-based health expert who requested to be anonymous, told the Global Times. 


Santa Ana, California Health Care Worker Dies After Second Dose of COVID Vaccine

Tim Zook, 60, was “never so excited to get a vaccine before.” He got his second dose on January 5th. 2.5 hours later he was in the emergency room of the hospital where he worked.

Shortly after, he was in a medical coma. He never left the hospital. He died on January 9th. He got the shot at work and NEVER LEFT THE HOSPITAL. The coroner has listed the cause of death as  “inconclusive.”

"The message is, be safe, take the vaccine — but the officials need to do more research. We need to know the cause," said Tim's widow.

Story with video

CNA Nursing Home Whistleblower: Seniors DYING LIKE FLIES after COVID Injections!

James (he gives his last name in the video) is a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), and he recorded this video as a whistleblower because he could not keep silent any longer. James reports that in 2020 very few residents in the nursing home where he works got sick with COVID, and none of them died during the entire year of 2020. However, shortly after administering the Pfizer experimental mRNA injections, 14 died within two weeks, and he reports that many others are near death. The video is long (47 minutes), and it is clear that James is suffering from emotional stress, and he admits that he has nothing to gain from going public, and that he will probably lose his job for doing so. But he makes it very clear that these were patients he knew and cared for (he is also a "lay pastor"), and that after being injected with the mRNA shot, residents who used to walk on their own can no longer walk. Residents who used to carry on an intelligent conversation with him could no longer talk. And now they are dying. "They're dropping like flies." His superiors are explaining the deaths as being caused by a COVID19 "super-spreader." However, the residents who refused to take the injections, are not sick, according to James. James makes it very clear that as a Christian, he cannot live with his conscience anymore, and that he can no longer remain silent. He is not anti-vaccine, but just sharing what he knows is true, regarding the people he has cared for in his profession for over 10 years now. This is a very clear pattern now. Inject the elderly with the mRNA injections, then blame their illnesses and deaths on the COVID virus. The only reason Big Pharma and their sponsored corporate media are getting away with this, is because more healthcare workers like James are not coming forward to speak up for the helpless. Even many in the Alternative Media are guilty for not covering this genocide against our seniors, as James states, because people are more concerned with Donald Trump and Joe Biden political news, while people's grandmother, grandfather, and others are being killed by these injections. James calls upon other CNAs, Nurses, and family members to go public and tell the world what is going on with these experimental mRNA COVID injections. "How many more lives need to be lost before we say something?" If you know what is happening, but are not speaking out, then you are part of the problem. And shame on you in the Alternative media who are more concerned about which tyrant should be president than you are about covering the greatest crime of genocide this country has ever seen. "Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay each person according to what he has done?" (Proverbs 24:11-12)

Source with video

Beware of Taking the Second Pfizer Shot

Thankful to nurses for honestly sharing their reactions and treatments. Beware taking the second Pfizer shot if you may have any sensitivity. If you have the option, take it the day before a day off. I didn’t have that choice. Got shot #2 at 6pm last night and after 8 this morning developed these symptoms that still have yet to subside. I was sent home from work midday for being unable to function, as well as three other nurses (one collapsed), and a doctor.

Fever fluctuating from 99-100.9

Extreme dizziness, fatigue, weakness

Vomiting (cannot keep down water yet after all day)

Muscle aches everywhere



Trouble breathing and focusing

Burning dry feeling in eyes, nose and throat

Feeling of needing to crawl out of my skin, like this weird anxiety that I can’t describe and have never felt before.

Layla Raynor-Allwein Front Line Nurses

Dr Lee Merrit on Virus as Bioweapon

If deaths could have been easily prevented with safe, available therapeutics, but those therapeutics were withheld by doctors, then who is the real murderer? The virus, or the doctors who withheld treatment that would have prevented the deaths?

Full interview:

For a detailed breakdown of injuries for each of the covid-19 vaccines currently used in the United Kingdom, see the article at  HeathImpactNews

Chimpanzees Killed to Make Covid Vaccines? Also, Human Aborted Fetal Kidney Tissue

The AstraZeneca Covid vaccine includes: Recombinant, replication-deficient chimpanzee adenovirus vector encoding the SARS CoV 2 Spike (S) glycoprotein. Produced in genetically modified human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells.